Terms & Condition Affiliate Program

Join the Kaliuda Gallery Affiliate Program and refer your friend / family / colleagues to earn double rewards.


  1. Members are declared active if they share Kaliuda Gallery content which we will share on Facebook / Instagram / Website once a month by including the referral code that will be obtained after registering.
  2. Membership will be updated once a year and will become inactive if there is no update within 3 years.
  3. If there are problems or want to re-register, please contact us via email sales@kaliudabali.com by mentioning the name and membership code.

Fees and commissions

  1. The fee that will be obtained is 5% of the total purchase of each person invited.
  2. After payment of the invoice has been paid using the voucher code provided and the payment is declared valid, the fee will be paid at the beginning of the following month and will be transferred to the account number registered.

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