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We have experience of produce home decor and curate antiques since 1983 then we started to produce furniture and home decor to export various styles and designs of furniture to markets throughout the world since 1997. We supply teak and other common wood such as Camelina, Acacia, Suar, Mahogany, and many others. We also provide customized furniture or repro for homes, villas, hotels, offices, and other indoor and outdoor products that are carried out directly by our design team and architect, Uma Adi Selaras.

Uma Adi Selaras, based on indigenous Indonesian cultural architecture specifically represented in three main lines: Java, Bali, and Sumba as our trademark.



We offer a grade-A teak wood furniture with a combination of iron, bamboo, rattan, and leather.


To make a perfect room for you is one of our goal so we provide everything you need.


Our rare collection. Each piece you’ll find is valued for both its aesthetic and its history.


We have a variety of natural collections such as teak roots, rattan, water hyacinth, and stone.


We are happy to work with clients to customize and meet their particular needs.

Milestone of Kaliuda Gallery Bali
Milestone of Kaliuda Gallery Bali
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