How to Clean Your House and It’s Benefits

Hi everyone. Back again with the Kaliuda Gallery Team who never get bored accompanying your weekend with various posts about tips & tricks, about design, or how to care for items or furniture. This time, Kaliuda Gallery wants to share tips with all of you on how to clean the house and what are the benefits? Especially in the midst of a pandemic situation like this, where the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still a threat and more people are staying at home. We must increasingly maintain cleanliness in the area around us. Just follow the steps below.

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The Next Big Thing in Furniture

Every day we wake up to a new trend, from fashion, music to design, furniture is no exception to this. So, what’s new on the furniture scene? If you’re on the lookout for a home makeover or some home decor ideas, read on for some hot trends you might want to consider for an updated style. Like they always said, “the right piece of furniture can transform a room.” We’ve gathered our resources and now we would like to share with you all the next big things that you can expect in 2020 until early 2021.

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3 Top Tips for Buying Furniture in Bali

In this current pandemic situation, we want to share some tips on buying furniture in Bali and export it to your country. The good news is, it’s still possible to send furniture shipment by cargo. The rest is some tips to find the right shop. 

1. Know what you’re looking for

The most basic thing to do is know what product you’re looking for. Knowing and understanding what kind of item/furniture you want to buy or find clearly will help everything go more smoothly. With that knowledge in advance, you can prepare a couple of things that you need before you set off. Like all the necessary paperwork if you want to bring home heavy items back to your home. Start your online research first and list it. We also recommend reading some forums to find more information.

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Pasola and more about Sumba Weave

Pasola & Wastra Sumba

From the previous article, we have discussed the traditional Sumba wedding customs and traditional Sumba funerals. Let us discuss more about the traditions and culture in East Sumba, Pasola & Sumba Weave. In East Sumba, weaving is one of the most striking figurative ikat produced anywhere. Here, the big hinggi is woven in pairs and worn as a loincloth and shoulder wrap by the men of East Sumba. The most important of these weaving villages is Prailiu which is located just outside Waingapu. Pau, known for its famous lungsi weaving, Rende and other villages near Melolo, and Kaliuda on the southeast coast, where the hinggi design is in traditional lateral stripes and characteristically features horses and roosters. Horses are a great feature on Sumba, have been exported as cavalry mounts for colonial soldiers, cherished by Sumbanese people, ridden on Pasola which we will tell you in more detail about it in this article.

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7 Top Tips for Buying Antiques

Before we talked about “How to take care of rare/antique furniture”. Right now Kaliuda Gallery Bali as a supplier antique furniture, going to share with you our 7 top tips and tricks for buying antiques. If you’re an antique lover that means you must know which piece is the right one to bring home with you, starting from how to tell a real from a fake when it comes to shop antiques.

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How to Care Industrial Furniture?

Every house must have some kitchen utensils or other furniture made from iron or stainless steel. Furniture made from iron or stainless steel is usually chosen because the material is more durable and not easily damaged.

Even so, you still have to pay attention to really good care of furniture made from iron or stainless steel, because if it is not cared for properly it will gradually rust.

To maximize the maintenance of Kaliuda Gallery furniture made of iron or stainless steels, we provide some tips and how to care for this furniture, some of which are as follows:

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The Tradition of the Sumbanese Ikat and Its Culture

Sumba is an island in the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). There are 4 districts and their capital cities, namely East Sumba with the capital Waingapu, Central Sumba with the capital Waibakul, West Sumba with the capital Waikabubak, and Southwest Sumba with the capital Waitabula. Sumba is well-known as Sandalwood Island because of its long-standing Sandalwood horse-breeding site. Besides, Sumba is also famous for its megalithic gravestones and woven cloth.

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How to Care Your Teak Furniture?

Teak wood furniture is indeed more expensive than other wood materials. But it can last up to 15-20 years if treated properly. How to take care of teak furniture? Let’s look at the following discussion which has been summarized by the Kaliuda Gallery team. 

How to Clean Teak Wood Furniture?

Teakwood has a natural resistance to mold and rot; however, unsightly mold and mildew can still form on the surface of the wood over time. To remove mildew and other natural stains from your teak wood furniture, follow these easy steps.

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