Kaliuda Gallery Bali Short Tour Video on Youtube

Kaliuda Gallery Bali Short Tour

Kaliuda Gallery is a furniture and home decor supplier and manufacturer. Specialized in teak wood with Grade A quality, we have various ranges of style and selection for indoor and outdoor furniture. We have an online and offline store located in the heart of Bali, Denpasar. Kaliuda Gallery is open from Monday to Saturday starting from 9:00 – 18:00 WITA. 

Kaliuda Gallery Bali Short Tour

In this video, you will see a preview of how our Gallery looks and also a little sneak peek of our warehouse. Besides furniture, Kaliuda Gallery also displays Balinese home decor and antique primitive art which you can order and customize the design depending on your style and taste. From the front yard, you can park your vehicle and find a beautiful selection of outdoor furniture displayed in front of our gallery. When you enter our gallery don’t forget to check your left and right areas because we also display a couple of indoor furniture there.

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What is Kaliuda Gallery?

Since 1983, Kaliuda Gallery has been established on the island of the Gods,  Bali. It focuses only on artworks such as antique ikat woven from all over Indonesia and also antique sculptures. In 1997, Kaliuda developed into Kaliuda Gallery where with a passion for interior design, we focused on the production of furniture and home décor that led to manufacturing and export-import. With 37 years of experience in this field Kaliuda Gallery has grown to supply high-quality furniture and home decoration and accessories all over the world. We are known to have specialized in solid teak wood and experience in producing and exporting various styles and designs of furniture to worldwide markets. Not limited to just teak, Kaliuda Gallery also supplies other common wood such as camelina, acacia, suar, mahogany, and many others.

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Shop Online

Hello Dearest,

Based on the official Government notice on 15th of March, we support #stopsuperspread of COVID-19. Due to this issue, Kaliuda Gallery Bali and warehouse will be strelized by spraying desinfectans daily. We also provide handwash area in front of the Gallery and hand sanitizer inside the Gallery. We take this matter seriously and this will take immediately.

You can still shop online with us.
Simply send us an email or Whatsapp and let us assist you. Note that all the items will be sanitized before any shipping.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regard,
Kaliuda Gallery Bali

New Design – Furniture with Sumba Carvings

After about 2 years of design process and 1.5 years consolidate ideas and concept including making it come true. In 2019 Kaliuda Gallery released a new design product with Sumba as the main theme.

Sumba is an island in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, which consists of four districts: West Sumba Regency, Southwest Sumba Regency, Central Sumba Regency, and East Sumba Regency.

The Sumba carving applied in furniture is inspired by the amazing motifs of Sumba woven fabric. Therefore, the first furniture in the world with Sumba carving is from Kaliuda Gallery.

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Catur Sumba “Pasola”

Catur Sumba - Pasola by Kaliuda Gallery Bali
Catur Sumba – Pasola by Kaliuda Gallery Bali


Here is one of our new design products, “Sumba Chess” which tells about “Pasola“. Kaliuda Gallery as the first chess maker with a Sumba theme, not only makes chess, but there are some furniture with Sumba carvings. Of course this is the first furniture in the world with Sumba carving. Sumba furniture collection, can be seen on Instagram. #Pasola is a mounted spear-fighting competition from western Sumba, Indonesia. It is played by throwing wooden spears at the opponent while riding a horse to celebrate the rice-planting season. If you buy this chess you can read more complete story about what Pasola is in an #antique paper. This chess is handmade by our artisan from #Sumba.

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